Bread & Pastries

A list of delicious meals that are easily prepared with the Salton range of appliances.

Browse through the different recipes and discover how to use the Salton and Salton Elite products to make delicious meals.



  • Measure ingredients precisely and add all ingredients to the bread maker in the order listed. Except for the chopped hazelnuts.
  • Close the lid, plug the power cord into outlet and select the sweet setting.
  • Press Start.
  • The bread maker will beep 15 times, then you open the lid, sprinkle the nuts evenly over the dough.
  • Close the lid.


  • Setting = Sweet


    This is not a cake – it’s nice just buttered, or toasted and buttered.

    Loaf Size 500g 750g 1kg
    Milk 200g 300g 400g
    Olive oil 1tbsp 1½ tbsp  2 tbsp 
    Salt 1 tsp 1½ tsp  2 tsp 
    Sugar  2 tbsp  3 tbsp  4 tbsp 
    Vanilla extract  ½ tsp  ¾ tsp  1 tsp 
    Whole meal flour  300g  450g  600g 
    Cocoa powder  25g  40g  50g 
    Yeast  1½ tsp  2 tsp  1 satchet 
    Chopped hazelnuts   7 tbsp  5 tbsp  3 tbsp