Bread & Pastries

A list of delicious meals that are easily prepared with the Salton range of appliances.

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  • The heavier flour needs preheating for about 30 minutes before kneading. Whole wheat/whole meal loaves tend to be smaller and denser. They don’t work very well with the timer.
  • Add all ingredients into the bread maker in the order listed above.
  • Close the lid, plug the power cord into outlet and select the Gluten Free setting.
  • Press Start.


  • Setting = Whole wheat


    Loaf Size   500g 750g 1Kg
    Water  200g  300g  400g 
    Olive oil 1 tbsp  1 tbsp  2 tbsp  
    Salt  ¾ tsp 1¼ tsp   2 tsp 
    Sugar  2 tsp  1 tbsp  1½ tbsp 
    Dried Milk powder   1 tbsp  1½ tbsp  2 tbsp 
    Whole wheat flour/brown bread flour/nutty wheat flour  150g  220g  300g 
    White bread flour  150g  220g  300g 
    Yeast  ½ tsp  ¾ tsp  1 tsp